Happie Blood Donation Camp

Happie Foundation Mega Voluntary Blood Donation Camp 2021❤️

Due to Covid 19 outbreak their is shortage of Blood in various blood banks across Maharashtra, As per Guidance from Government of Maharashtra we are organizing this Noble Cause…

Requesting all Mumbaikar’s to come forward and participate in this Noble Act

Donate Blood, Save Life…

So in blood donation camp 2021 in which 75+ people donated blood 💪💪💪😊

Blood Donation Is The Act Of Giving Blood To Someone Who Needs It. It Is Not Just About Giving Blood, But It Is An Act Of Kindness That Saves The Lives Of Hundreds Of People. These Fifteen Minutes Of Your Life Can Save Someone’s Entire Life. You Can’t Even Imagine That Donating One Bag Of Blood Can Be So Beneficial To The Human Race. Donating The Blood Without Expecting Or Asking For Any Money Or Gesture Is A Great Act Of Kindness, And If You Are 18 Years Old Or Above, You Should Definitely Take Part In This Act Of Kindness.

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