Gudi Padwa 2022

गुढी जनसेवेची,
गुढी विकासाची,
गुढी विजयाची,
गुढी एकात्मतेची,
गुढी प्रकाशाची,

गुढीपाडव्याच्या व नववर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा

Gudi Padwa is a festival that the new year and is usually celebrated on the first day of Chaita. The Indian month of according to the lunar calendar. Most of the Indian festivals have a very special and intriguing history and it is interesting to see the manner in which they are celebrated. This Maharashtrian festival is no exception and provides you with many tales related to it. Also in Karnataka is called as Ugadi in the Indian state of , this is a festival. Which is filled with a certain charm, and vibrance that is visually delightful.

Today with the augment of cheer and joy. It’s is a celebration that is much awaited and this is a time when people pray for the well being of everyone. Gudi padwa is believed that good wins over evil and it is an auspicious day for all.

Let us all pray… for a better world free of all sufferings, disorder, and anomalies in the society this Gudi Padwa.

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